sabato 27 dicembre 2014

Caffè Malatesta

Here's again with an italian collective of 6 people working only on bio and fair coffee.

Caffè Malatesta is not involved in "making coffe at 40 €/kg".


At the beginning they worked with traditional importers, but now they delete all the mediators for a relationship more direct with compesinos.

  • A packet of 250 g Moka or espresso costs 3.70 € - 4.30 €
  • 100% Arabic Coffee (comes from zapatist coops) 250 g Moka costs 4.50 €
  • 100% Arabic Coffee with minced cardamon 250 g costs 5 € (0.50 € goes to Casa Per La Pace Milano organizing tours to Palestine to study in deep conflicts)

 Here 's price list (only italian sorry)

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